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Automated soldering machine for productivity

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Automated soldering machine for productivity

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  With the increasing pressure of capital in various industries, companies are facing the demand of two to four percentage points of annual productivity. Based on a number of queries, we have made estimates that the automated soldering machine unfolds the potential to create 15% to 20% power advancement. This productivity boom will not come from the use of a single treatment plan. In order to have far-reaching impact, it is necessary for the company to analyze and deal with all the factors that affect profitability and loss, and together create a wide-ranging treatment plan. Intelligent processing combined with advanced automated soldering machines may increase labor productivity by 40% to 50%. High-end analysis of sophisticated data from real-time generated machining processes will be critical to more accurately and more effectively identify and address the root causes of low power and quality issues in the process.

Automatic soldering machine

Automatic soldering machine knowledge and principle:

      1. The center of automatic soldering machine

      Solder is a chemical reaction between metals that links together: the molecular structure of the solder molecules penetrates into the surface layer of the substrate to form a strong, thorough metal structure. When the solder melts, it is impossible to wipe it off completely from the metal surface because it has become part of the underlying metal.

     2. Cleaning of automatic soldering machine

     When the "tin wire" and "weld" are very clean, the solder will be wet metal appearance, and the cleaning requirements are much higher than the metal thin plate. Since the tin wire and the metal need to be tightly connected, Otherwise it simply constitutes a very thin oxide layer.

    3, solder capillary effect

    If two pieces of clean metal are combined together and immersed in the molten solder, the solder will wet the two metal faces and climb upward to fill the gap between the nearby surfaces, which is a capillary effect. Assuming that the metal appearance is unclean, there will be no wet and capillary effects, and the solder will not fill this point, forming a flawed solder joint.

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